Why League Of Nations Fail?

History Of The League Of Nations

It’s 1919 really bad times for the world around 20 million people are dead from the world war the economy is and cities are barely standing it is looking pretty much hopeless but life must go on the Allies had won the first world war that is America Britain France Russia and Italy their leaders met up in Paris their job draw up a peace deal make such there are no more wars in the future simple right well those leaders did give it a shot especially this man Woodrow Wilson he was the 28th President of the United States he proposed a radical idea in Paris what if all countries came together to create a single Global organization somewhere to talk somewhere to discuss policies and most importantly somewhere to complain I know what you are thinking is not that what the United Nations does well yes but this story is about the organization that preceded the UN this story is about the League of Nations

How The Idea Of the League Of Nations Emerges

Let’s catch up with our friends in Paris most of them agreed to woodrow wilson’s idea no war seemed like a good plan so they signed what is called the Treaty of Versailles and set up the league president Wilson was a happy man he returned home eager to get cracking with his new toy just one problem though the U.S. congress would not let him they refused to approve the Reaty of Versailles talk about an an M Night Shyamalan twist the league wen tahead without the united states you have to feel for President Wilson though it is like that friend who plans the trip to Goa but his own family says do not go back to the 20th century again the League’s first session was in November 1920 in Geneva 41 members attended it India had a membership but India was still a British colony there same with most of Africa and it was a very important contradiction in the league war was not okay but colonialism was the league functioned with four organs an assembly of member countries a council of permanent members an international tribunal and a permanent Secretariat a lot like the United Nations actually just the other way around the 1920s went by without much fuss most countries were trying to figure out what the league was how they could use it in this time one achievement stands out the Geneva protocol the league banned the use of chemical and biological weapond in the year 1928 and it was a big deal then the honeymoon period did not last soon a new crop of leaders emerged more authoritarian more ruthless and more belligerent the worst among them this man Adolf Hitler the League’s downfall began in 1933 two members decided to quit the group first was Japan, Jpan invaded Northeast China which was then called Manchuria.

The Group Of 52 Nations

52 nations assembled at Geneva have joined in condemning the horrors perpetrated by Japan in their war against China in the bombing of open towns by Japanese aircraft thousands of innocent civilians have lost their lives here the speech of Dr. Wellington coo Chinese delegate to the League of Nations we will nullify all the past work and president effort to organize peace and security and through the entire world into the pandemonium of a general conflagration with all its horrors of killing and destruction when the league objected Japan left that was strike one strike two was Hitler he had enough of pacificism he wanted to re-arm Germany when the league objected Hilter pulled out strike two strikes there came much later in the form of Italy its ruler was Hitler’s dictator in arms Benito Mussolini when Mussolini invaded Ethiopia the league objected.

But in Geneva, the League of Nations assembly decided by an overwhelming majority in favor of sanctions against Italy despite hostile appeals by Barona Luisis 51 Nations agreed to bring economic and financial pressure to bear on Italy as the aggressor in the war in Africa the league has two main tops first war father just can’t peaceful settlement of all disputes you can guess what happened next Italy quit the year was 1937. Within two years the second world war broke out and that was curtains for the League it had one job to do and it failed one by one its members were invaded by Hitler’s Army these are the authentic pictures of the latest Act of criminal aggression by the German national invasion of Denmark ten months ago Germany offered its northern neighbor a pact of non-aggression to last 10 years living up to its well-known tradition of broken faith the Reichsten troops by Landon sea to complete the conquest of this unoffending neutral in one day this nation lost its identity in Europe and became part of Germany but Denmark decided that surrender was better than slaughter Denmark gone Luxembourg gone France Belgium Norway gone so was the Netherlands German forces were already on their way to compete yet one more Act of aggression against weakened innocent neutral.

Decline Of League Of Nations

The League was like an old man confined to his bed he had the wisdom to help what he did not have was the power we can really skim over the next six years until 1945 that is because the League did absolutely nothing in this time virtually zero meetings it was just dying day by day cut to September 1945 the war ended it was a 1919 Deja Vu the Victorious allies met again they had two options a revived the old man aka the League of Nations or B. Pull the plug the Akkies chose options be they decided the League’s time was up instead they opted to create a new organization called the United Nations the story of the League of Nations comes to an end when at the Palace of Geneva the delegates of Many Lands meet for the last time assembled in the Great Hall the members carry out the final business of the league which now gives to a more powerful organization among the delegates is lord Sissel a champion of peace since 1920 his words at this last session of Geneva will be echoed by the whole world.

Looking back why did the league of nations fail I wish I could give you a single answer but the fact is ist’s more complicated for staters the United states did not join it remember the Goa trip example I gave you if the guy who planned the trip never made it what will the rest do they have no itinerary any sense of where to go nd what to do secondly some people in the group had their own plans perhaps a different destination or different mode of travel when those plans did not fit in they just left on a different trip in this case Germany Japan and Italy so that’s why the league failed it could not create a consensus or Froce obedience sounds a lot like the U.N does not it and you are not wong on paper the United Nations has outlived the League of Nations also there has not been a third world war quite low standards I know but the world is still the wild west bigger power still invade simaller states like the US and Iraq or Russian and Ukrain Rogue neighbors still sabotage peaceful ones the United Nations has not been able to solve those problems but a good start would be reforms more democracy never hurt anyone if the idea is collective security then do not limit powers on the hands of five permanent members share powers share responsibility.

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