Why Is The South Pole Of Moon So Special?

Scientists from around the world are being attracted to the southern pole of the Moon and India’s Chandra and three will land there tomorrow at 6:04 PM on Aug 23. Why is the south pole of the moon so special let’s find out in this article

India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan 3 is all set to land on the souther pole of the moon on the evening of Aug 23rd ISRO the Indian space research agency will conduct its soft lanidng which has the attention of the entire world so what is it about the southern pole of the moon that is attracting scientists from around the globe scientists believe that there are deep craters on the moon where sunlight has not reached for billions of years in these regions temperatures drop dramatically reaching as low as minus 248 degres celcius and then as you know ther is no atmosphere on moon to heat the moons surface no human has ever set foot in this completely unknown world of the moon I am talking about the southern pole now you are aware that there is a so called Space Race going on to reach the southern pole of the moon this location is far away from wher ethe six American Apollo missions landed on the moon near the equator before ISRO Russian had a lunar Mission lunar 25 that planned to land on the southern pole of the moon but on August 20 it lost signal and crashed on the moons surface leading to the mission’s failure but hey do not intend to stop they have more missions lined up China has plans schedule for next year the United States plans to land astronauts on the moon’s South Pole by 2025. Even Jpan plans to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon’s south pole in 2029. So you see the race to race to reach the southern pole of the moon is going on in full swing and it is likely that several more countries will join and succeed in the coming years however as of now no countries have even made a soft landing on the moon’s south pole and if Chandrayaan 3 successfully lands then India will be the first country to do so leaving behind major countries like the United States and China anyhow coming back to the main question

Why southern pole of the moon is so attractive to scientists

let me lay ut the possibilities instead of giving one fixe answer ther are only two reasons why countries are interested in moon southern pole number one since the moon revolves around the earth it is logical as well as sensible enough to reach and build infrastruture at the nearest Celestial body before venturing out into the unknown space this is one strong reason and the second reason is to study and further expand the knowledge of Material science because the moon is earth closest celestial neighbor ther eis abelief that its surface contains varous rare earth elemetns therefore if any nation can analyze the lunar soil or raw composition it can determine if any of these elements are present in a manner similar to what is ound on Earth now suppose we do discover unfamiliar elements on the moon in that case the next step would involve bringing samples back to earth and studying them to recreate them artificially or searching for substances on earth that closely resembles those elements and once we humans achieve significant success in uncovering or replicating these Rare earth elements do you know how it will help a country now typically the government is not going to use those elements into the commercial market first they will be used for advancing military technology because that is what is going to give any country an edge over others after the military has initially harnessed the innovation is it then gradually introduced into the commercial market in a very slow and calculated manner this is why you often oserve that military technology worldwide tend to be more advanced than what we encounter in the commercial market these are the only two reasons why many countries are interested in Moon and ther are no other reasons involved and let me also tell you why countries are exclusively interested in reaching the southern pole of the moon and not considering other location and the reason behind that is you have to understand that the same side of the moon always faces the Earth the side of the moon that faces the earth is called the near side and the far side of the moon is the site that we can never see from earth the only time the far side of the moon can be seen from earth is during a lunar eclipse when the moon passes between earth and the sun now imagine that you are standing on the moon facing earth that means even we can see you from earth so this is called the near sight the north pole of the moon is the point directly above you and the south pole is the point directly below yo if you know the moon’s axis is slightly tilted that means this is the North ple and this is the south pole of the moon and one more thing the north pole and the south pole and the back side of the moon barely have any craters while the south pole as well as the fron tside of the moon more heavily filled with craters and then I said in these deep craters ar on the of the moon where sunlight has never eached for billions of years in these regions temperatures dropped dramatically reaching as low as minus 248 degress celsius and then ther is also no atmosphere here to heat the moons surface India’s chandrayaan and one launched in 2008 was the first mission to search for evidence of water on the moon water exists on the moon in solid or vapor rom due to the vacuum of space what is more interesting is that water here is preserved for million of years na completely unexposed from the sun’s radiation now this information is quit valuabe to analyze and understand the history of water in our solar system in my opinion the exploratin and examination of water on the moon primarily sever the purpose of facilitationg future space missions this is because transporting water from earth to moon is a costly endeavor hence the discovery of lunar water or ice could be utilized as a valuable resource for fuel oxygen and drinking water fo upcoming lunar missions futhermore the invetigation of lunar water can satisfy the inquisitiveness of academic scientists regarding the orgins and arrival time of th water and besides that I do not believe ther is any other intenion behind discoverin water on the moon.

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