Why Donald Trump Arrested

You must have heard in the news that on August 24 2023 Donald Trump was taken into custody on allegations of engaging in racketeering and conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia Racketeering means fraud extortion or violence in order to obtain money or power in the case fo Donald Trump the charges of racketeering and conspiracy say that he and his associates engaged in a pattern of illegal activity in order to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia now who pressed these charges on Donald Trump the charges were imposed by Fulton Country district attorney Fanny Willis she is the prosecutor who is investigating Donald Trump for potentially criminal meddling in the 2020 election in the state of Georgia let me tell you something about this lady she is also a member of the democratic party therefore it is natural for her to go against Donald Trump who is the Republican 2024 presidential nominee now let me also tell you what are the charges that have been put againt Donald Trump overall there are four charges number one Donald Trump has been charged with unlawfully interfering with the electio nby pressuring GErogai secretry of state Brad Raffensberger to fins inner voters to overturn the state.

The second charge is he has been charged with unlawfully influencing the election by pressuring Ravensburger to recalculate the votes in absentee ballots an absentee ballot is a vote case by someone who is unable or unwilling to attend the official polling station to which the voteer is normally allocated so it is said that Donald Trump has forced Gerogia’s Secretary of State to reclculate the votes and bring it in his favor the third charges Donad Trump has been charged with obstructing the elction in Georgia by threatening raffensberger with criminal prosecution if he did not comply with his demands and the fourth charts says that Donald Trump has made false and misleading statement about the election results in Georgia so these are the four indictments that have led to arrest of Donald Trump but let me make it very clear that these charges are still allegations Donald Trump has bo been convicted of nay crimes that is the reason Donald Trump is out on bail he said he will challenge all these charges one by one in the court if you notice in three out of these four charges one name that pops out is Georgai Seceretary of State brad RAffensberger let me tell you he is a member of the Republican Party the same politial party that Donald Trump belongs to currently ther eare no charges againt Vrad Rafffensberget however he has been made a target for the investigation by Fulton County district Attorney Fanny Willis since he is Georgia’s Seceratary of State only thorough him Donald Trump can be framed with criminal charges if you read both Donald Trump’s and Raffensberger’s statements they both have denied any wrongdoings and they have said that hte investigation is politically motivated let me also tell you currently the Republican political party continues to dominate and maintain compltet control at the state level in Georgia the Republican party controls the offices of Governor secretary of State Attorney General and both chambers of the states legislatuer so now you will have a very important questions in your mind how is it that the state of Georgia which is in ful control and has significant influence on the Republican Party, even then Donald Trump and Raffensperger who are Republican members are facing political charges?

How is that happening?

So this is where you have to understand that the charges and accusation against Donald Tump may seem relatively minor but it is crucial to understand the importance of this question only then you will understand the whole picture so here’s the answer definitely the state of Georgia is currently controlled by the Republican party but that does not mean all Republican idology that is why all of this is happening there is a growing faction of Republican who is sritical trump and his political ideology these REpublicans believe that Trump’s action is dangerous and they think it will undermine the so-called American democracy it is also a sign that the United States Republican party is not a monolithic structure and there is a diversity opinion within the party again I’m repeating what I said these charges against Trump and Raffensberger are still allegations they have not been convicted of any crimes however these charges can eventually develop with time and it could have a significant impact ont he Republican party and eventually the Republican party will be forced to expel Donald Trump that is hy there have been news about Donald Trump wanting to run 2024 presidential election as a third party candidate basically independent although he has not explicitly said that qhe want to run as a third pary in the 2024 presidential election however he had made statement that suggest he is considering it Donald Trump is on a roll so far an unstoppable.

Although he has explicitly said that he wants to run as a third party candidate and suppose if he does that he is going to split the Republican vote bank and give the Democrats a better chance of winning the election and one more thing that may happen which has may never happen in the history of American politics it will cause a major disruption to the American political system because more than the two-party system in American has never been thought of two party system consistently dominated the American political landscape it will be a major blow to the American ruling political elites I have said this before in my previous article and i am going to say it again westen country have turned into communist state and if you critically think about it you will often find the democrats are above the law let me give you some examples a bag of cocain was found the white house reports suggest that it belongs to the Biden family there will be no investigation against him and more importantly he is a Democratic a dead body in found in Obama’s house Obama’s personal chef was found dead and his body was recovered from Obema’s backyard but thre are no charges or any criminal investigation against former president Barak Obema.


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