Some Top Secrets Of The White House

The White House located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. is the official residence and workplace of the president of the United States throughout its long history the White House has been the site of numerous significant events and decisions that shaped the course of American history from hidden tunnels and secret rooms to president ghost sightings and covert operations the White House holds many secrets that few people know about. So in this important and interesting article, I’m going to explore some important secrets of the White House which might make you surprised and shocked. Here are these amazing secrets of the White House.

The Secret Bunker

Underneath the White House in the bowels of the building there is a highly secretive space built only for the president and his staff known as the presidential Emergency Operations Center or the pioch for short this bunker was built to be a secure location for the president and his staff in the event of a National Emergency the bunker is located in the basement of the East wing and was constructed during World War II as a bomb shelter during the 1980s thought the bunker underwent an expansion and renovation and upped its ante from a simple bomb shelter to a full-out safe heaven from nuclear attacks the secret bunker is equipped with everything the president and his Select Staff would need to survive a nuclear attack it’s got an air filtration system water food medical supplies and state-of -the -art communications systems so the president and his advisors can stay connected to the outside world furthermore the bunker has an independent water and power supply so if things go really bad there’s no need to rely on external sources only people who are directly responsible for the United States national Security are allowed to enter the bunker so just the president the vice president and a very select group of government officials and high-ranking military people the bunker has seen some use over the years for example during the September 11th terrorist attacks the president and his high-ranking posse sought Refuge there the bunker can be accessed quickly so the people that run the country can remain safe during crisis since the bunker is equipped with food and water they can continue to make important decision on a full stomach while staying adequately hydrated so these important people don’t run the risk of making rash or poor decisions because their hang hungry.

The Secret Tunnels

There are some secrets of the White House that aren’t so secretive as much as secure and highly restricted other Secrets though are so sensitive it’s impossible to actually verify their existence this is the case with the secret tunnels of the White House it’s said that the White House has complex network of secret tunnels that wind and weave their way underneath the building it’s also said that these tunnels were originally built during World War II and that they were constructed to provide a secure and safe passage for the president in the event of an emergency like a bombing or an attack on the White House According to some sources though the tunnels have since been used for variety of different purposes over the years the tunnels were said to connect several different parts of the White House such as the East Wing The West Wing and the main residence it’s also believe that they connect the White House to other nearby government buildings like the Eisenhower executive office building and the treasury building it’s not publicly known exactly how long these tunnels are or how many of them exist but it’s widely believed that they stretch for miles and miles the tunnels are also apparently equipped with security cameras motion sensors and other Advanced security systems so if the tunnels do exist only authorized Personnel are allowed to access them and mum’s the word from everyone else who enters.

The Secret Cinema

Some secrets of the White House national security reasons since the White House is the epicenter of security in a time of Crisis other secrets well not so much take the secret movie theater for example apparently within the White House Family Theater there’s a secret movie theater it’s location in the East wing of the White House and this theater was originally built in 1942 during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency under Nixon however this small secret theater was renovated it’s got a fully functional Cinema about 40 seats and when it was renovated a state-of -the-art sound system and adjustable screen were installed the theater is equipped with a wide assortment of films including Classica and new releases now if you’re wondering why the White House needs a secret movie theater then you’re not alone of all the secret things the White House could build a movie theater seems a little stranger to see the least but going to the theater allows us to forget our woes for a little while and even the president needs a little entertainment to escape from time to time the president and his family head to the theater for some quality family time and since it’s a secret theater I can fully escape the public eye they can also binge on movie theater Staples since the theater boasts a full array of candy soft drinks and popcone because what’s a movie without popcorn come on according to sources the president and his family have been known to invite friends into the secret theater from time to time the theater even reportedly has has its own dedicated ushers who set up the equipment and make sure it all runs smoothly it is said that President Kennedy to the theater during the Cuban Missile Crisis with his staff to take in a film relieve a little stress and Munch on that mouth-watering buttery popcorn that you can only find at the theater or in this case the secret White House movie theater.

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