Top City Under Construction

#9.EKO Atlantic

Given the fact that Nigeria is one of the world’s largest producers of oil it makes sense that it’s one of the richest areas on the planet and it’s with its insane amounts of oil money that plans are being devised to create echoatlantic city being constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean it’s essentially being built on man-made Islands just off the cost of the capital city of Lagos coming in at a total being 11 million square meters it will be the size of Manhattan’s skyscraper district and will be protected from even the most severe of storms with the help of an eight and a half kilometer long sea wall the idea is that it will be both self-sufficient and sustainable as it’s set to feature buildings with eco-friendly and state-of-art urban designs and have its own power generation stations clean water
Advanced telecommunications spacious roads and tree-lined streets however despite the current progress locals have complained that the city has buildings has caused some serious Coastal erosion and ocean surges I just hope that the Nigerai is able to actively combat these issues so the Atlantic City and the surrounding areas are Problem free.

#8. Shanghong

China is well known for creating multiple planned cities in order to facilitate its growing population and move people into urban areas and Chonghan is the newest project in this slate of developments it’s designed to be larger than New York City. It was first announced in 2017 and is more or less seen as XI Jinping’s Pet Project most of these planned cities have been located in Solid Geographic locations this one’s located Inland in what is essentially the middle of nowhere and many features have direct ties to the political role of XI Jinping it’s totally dependent on a huge input of capital and people from Beijing it’s believed that many people and businesses will be transported there against their will and while it supposedly will be complete in August of 2023. XI has dictated that it will be a modern city in 2035 and a world-class urban cluster by 2050. Yet while the hope is that Jungun will be served as a development hub for the Beijing Tianjin economic angle the recent downturn in the Real State market in China may make continued development difficult and only time will tell whether or not this place will ultimately be successful.

#7. Acon City

Of all the entries on this list, the one that’s by far the most controversial is Acon City. First announced by the washed-up artist Akon back in January of 1025 his idea was to attract six billion dollars to the project, in order to make it a real-life Wakanda in his home country of Senegal. In a computer rendering of the project, an 8.1 sq kilometer city with twisting skyscrapers was envisioned with this city including Condominiums Office Parks, University, an ocean, and a resort with a 5000-bed hospital. The city was supposed to use the blockchain and run on Acon’s cryptocurrency coin making it a futuristic Bastion of Commerce and Technology on Africa’s West Coast. However, while the first town stone was laid in 2020 today this stone remained alone in an empty dirt field and the small placard advertising mega project has even fallen off it this has raised some major concerns, and while some locals still have hope most experts it’s believed that the project displays characteristics of fraudulent business ventures such as Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes and for all intents and purpose it’s more than likely that this planned future city has little more than a fraudulent money collection scam.

#6. The Line

While most cities are made of multiple buildings that at a level of character and personality to the area the line throws these conventions out the window That’s because as the name would suggest the line is by a line made up of two parallel skyscrapers the entire city will be contained within a structure that’s 200 meters wide 500 meters tall and 170 kilometers long and will stretch across an area of land in the Northwest part of Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea. Set to hold a total of 9 million people the structure will be extremely futuristic and if the current plans are realized it will feature vertically homes offices public parks and public schools. Year-round climate control of all indoor and outdoor spaces and a high-speed rail that will transport residents from end to end in just 20 minutes with all of this supposedly meaning that the city will have no cars streets or carbon emissions built as a part of a plan known as Vision 2030 that’s intended to draw in 100 million annual visitors work on the project began on October of 2021 he city set to be complete by as the project name suggests 2030. However, while the structure may be futuristic many are also seeing it as dystopian and therefore a significant number of people would rather not see this city be created yet there is certainly an argument to be made either way.

#5. Rawabi

While the West Bank may not be one the most peaceful places on the planet it’s nonetheless the site of a massive futuristics city project headed by American Palestinian billionaire Bashar al-Masri the 1.4 billion dollars luxury city is being built from scratch in order to help stimulate economic growth in the West Bank. Al-Masri has called it a version of the Marshall Plan of the post-world War II eras and while he hopes to make money he also hopes that the City will help improve the fortune of those living in the area the current plan for Rawabi to have 6 000 units spread across 22 communities with each coming in at between 70 to 180 thousand dollars while cheaper than many of the apartments in Palestine’s largest city Ramallh it’s still a very large sum and for the most part, only the upper middle class can afford that yet while the project idea is quite Nobel it’s still far from complete.

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