Top-5 World’s Amazing House

#10- The Starburst House

The starburst house this next house looks like the home of an eccentric recluse in the middle of the California desert this Starburst house not only looks futuristic because of its literal exploding star design but it also take the future of our environment into account at this rate we really don’t know what the planet’s gonna look like a thousand or even a hundred years from now but if we make few simple tweaks to out lifestyle then the future may not all be that bad so the design team behind this home of future Whitaker Studio decided to put together a home made entirely of old shipping containers 21 to be exact and painted them a bright white is a stark contrast to the somewhat ominous surroundings the starburst house sits on a large 90-acre plot of land just outside of Joshua tree and was built for Chris Hanley the producer of some cult classic firms like Buffalo 66 and American Psycho and with the type of films hanley’s backing it would make sense that he likes the isolation that this house provides and because many of the shipping containers point straight up st the sky he’s got some killer views of the final frontier every night.

#9. Belgian Rockface Home

Now this is one weird-looking Home Design found in Belgium this house looks like it was shoved right into the rock or maybe they had the home already built and just dropped a rock on it there are plenty of breathtaking homes in the Rocky and mountainous areas that have been carved right into the rock face but this one just fails on every level and while the interior of the home may look fine this rock face home seems like a real eyesore to the rest of the neighbors or I’m sure I’ll live in normal homes and whatever the owner’s intentions are is anybody’s guess but the even bigger question is when the time comes how do they plan to sell it and the rocks are aligned just perfectly for a burglar or two to scale the rock face open a window and walk right in despite the materials used for this house Belgian Abode this house definitely does not rock.

#8 The Chemosphere

The 1960s were a wild time the youth were trying out new forward ways of thinking the civil Rights Movement was in full effect in the United States and people were experimenting with all sorts of things even architecture the chemosphere was designed as a modern Anode in Los Angeles California in 1960 by John lockner at the time Lochner was applauded by critics and experts for the octagonal design but the rest of us were left scratching our heads and shaking in fear because this chemosphere seems to float in the air over the hills below the hemisphere looks kind of like a UFO trying to land in the rough terrain of La’s Hills so what’s going on here when Lautner surveyed the area that the hemisphere sits on he was given two options level out the sloped land which would too much time and even more money not to mention hurt the ecosystem or just build a single 30-foot column to support the house which is what gives it its hovering appearance he obviously chose the latter which only cost about 30 grand and while Lautner would assure you that the house is fine it’s hard not to be left shaking in your one children little once you’re inside this eight-sided Abode and despite the fear the chemisphere is now worth well over 3 million bucks

#7.The Steel House

In Lubbock Taxes in the middle of what feels like nowhere is a large dark brown steel structure that looks like it’s been exposed to the elements of for the famous steel House was built from about 120 tons of steel over the course of 23-years of construction period And since this clearly is not your average single family home or condo you can bet the steel house was also built with funky shape designed by architect Robert Bruno because he felt bored and disappointed with the flat landscape he built his house to spruce up the desolate area a bit another project that initially started small he began constructing a one-story house but couldn’t stop there many many adjustments were made walls were broken down additions were built and the end result gave him something a little bigger than he had bargained for the inside of the home does look cool though and has some great views of the surrounding area but unless you’re an artist looking for an interesting house most people may not understand the overall aesthetic of Ransom Canyons pig-shaped Steel House

#6. The Crocodile House

Next on the list of strange Home designs is something you could really sinl your teeth into in the former capital of the Ivory Coast is one wacky looking house that’s made to look like a giant Stone crocodile complete with eyes and big teeth ready to take a bite out of any would-be intruders construction on this home began in the mid-2000s and is the brainchild of artist Musa Kalo but Carlos sadly passed away just two month before the Croc was completed and so their Apprentice Theory Atta took on task of finishing the house but not only the that Atta decided to make this house their home and quickly moved in but despite being made of stone the crocodile still has windows and a bit and is titally livable and yet this crocodile home may be minimalist and not as extravagant as what many westerners are use to but it’s also important to remember that the region and the neighborhood aren’t the wealthisest so is the crocodile the best rendition of the animal absolutely not but sometimes you got to work with what you got and plenty of people still drop by Freast their eyes on this unorthodox town  house which always puts a smile on their faces.

#5Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House A lot can be said about the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California so much so that it’s been the subject of books films and television shows it’s even the setting of a tabletop game it’s as famous as it is infamous.

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