Top 5 Future Bus Designs

As Cities become more congested and environmentally conscious bus transportation is poised to undergo a major transformation in the coming years from Sleek designs and futuristic Technologies to eco-friendly features and enhanced passenger experiences the future of buses looks more exciting than ever so far. Today’s Article I’m going to count down the 5 most amazing future bus designs.

#15. Mercedes-Benz Future Bus

Alright Mercedes-Benz does make some of the best cars around so I guss why not throw their hit into the world of public transportation the Mercedes-Benz future bus recently made its first trip out in the Netherland’s along with Europe’s bus rapid transit route from Amsterdam’s sheepal airport to the town of Harlem it was 12-mile ride full of twists and turns bends and passes along with plenty of tunnels and busy traffic routes and luckily for the world of commuters the future bus exceeded those expectations and while this bus of the future technically has a driver on board it’s a mainly autonomous vehicle that uses what’s called City pilot technology energy the city pilot can recognize your typical problems on the road and solve jsut about any traffic problem that may arise it can recognize abstacles on the road other cars and even those pesky jayealkers and the best part is the driver never has to hit the gas or step on the break in fact they only need to take the wheel in accordance with traffic regulations when there’s oncoming traffic so they can still intervene and take over Control should the need arise the Mercedes-Benz future bus can hit about 44 mile an hour on the open road and will no doubt become one of the most important publicly used vehicles of the future.

#14. Elysium Motorhome concept

Elysia motorhome concept RVs and motorhomes are a classic form of leisurely transportation and have been the vacation staple for hundreds thousands of people for those who hate big crowds and trying to share cramped spaces with strangers during their miserable commute then it’s probably the only type of bus they will ever get while RVs won’t be going out style anytime soon many of then aren’t too pretty to look at from the outside no matter how much space they hold they can come off as outdated or ever cheesy but the Elysium motorhome concept isn’t just trying to change the look of the motorhome it’s trying to flip the entire experience on its head for starters it’s pretty tough not to notice the four deck hot tubs and sun pads that look like they beling on a super yacht you make your eay to the rear of this motorhome you will also notice a helipad the height adjustable Landing pad is tailor-made to fit a small Robinson R22 helicopter so make sure you have your pilot’s license before being on this rockstar RV bsu you will be the Envy of camping grounds as you come and go as you please taking to the sky to go and grab some last minute s’mores ingredients but the cabin interior was just as impressive with the full Chef’s Kitchen 75-inch television smart bathroom and even a fireplace this concept is glamper’s dream and the perfect bus for those who want to go camping without really going camping.

#13 The Willie Bus

These days it feels like everything is bout ad space marketing and sponsored content sneaking its way into online Publications major cities even figured out how to disguise massive ads as murals and street art on the sides of buildings we simply can’t escape it but the designer Ted Orlowski decided to take the concept one step further and merge ad space with public transportation his Willy transport bus LCD can get people to and from work or home but it also provides quite the sight for everyone on the outside that’s because the entirety of the bus’s exterior is a transparent LCD screen meaning the bus is going to be one gaint billboard on Wheels perhaps the idea behind it isn’t just to make some extra money from sponsors and corporations but to also give people something new and exciting to look at after they have had their morning coffee and the best part is that the commuters in the Willy’s interior will have a full view of the city while inside because the LCD of course only works one way the only catch here is willie trasport bus LCD is not the most eco-friendly concept out there now considering how much energy the LCD needs and while we may not see them popping up overnight just yet some European cities have taken an interest in the concept it is unique idea and it’s sure to brighten up the commuters days

#12. Future MAN Double Decker Bus Neoplan Omni 2.0 Concept

Future man double decker bus neoplan omni 2.0 concept well tha is a mouthful if you are riding the bus for the Long Haul then nothing can be more important than comfort especially if you are driving overnight the worst thing that can happen is a rough ride and a tiny old seat with the Springs digging into your back but that felling is kind of common well thankful top-notch designers Philippe Fromm Jenny gebler and Marianne massage have drafted up their man double decker bus neoplan omni 2.0 concept the name is a mouthful but it could become a household name amongst commuters if evening goes according to paln this double decker bus is decked out with everything a rider needs but the magic happens before the doors even open with its super Sleek dark metallic design that’s guaranteed to cause traffic via rubbernecking on the road the omni 2.0 bus features a spilit level design that sees the first class cabin on the main level and the economy class on the upper the first level offers ample space for those in wheelchairs or disabilities to enter and exit the bus without feeling restricted the idea here is to provide as much comfort and accessibility to accommodate all passengers of all needs specifically for the disabled the Omni 2.0 concept uses an integrated rear remp making it even more wheelchair accessible than your standard coach bus offering a seamless embarking and disembarking experience for those who need it most climdaboar and all passengers are given near 360 degree views thanks to the seamless window.

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