Some Very Unusual Concepts Of SmartPhones

Light Phone 2: A Bare Bones Approach

Studies have shown that some people check their social media dozens of times per day for some updating or checking social media has become an almost subconscious act they just do it naturally without even thinking about it but there is a need for people to just shut it off sometimes to give the mind and eyes a well-needed rest but when we shut off our phones we can miss out on important calls or texts so what’s a person to do well the Light Phone 2 has recognized this problem and it offers a solution it’s an unusual phone because it doesn’t come with any normal Phone features like social media the phone doesn’t even have an internet browser so users literally can’t check in with social media or read click bait news or even browse the web this phone Harkens back to the original intentions of phones calling and texting the phone has Bluetooth and a headphone jack too so if you’re someone obsessed with all the fast-paced applications of normal smartphones and want to take a break form it all without missing out on phone calls then the Light phone 2 offers that respite however it is hard to overlook that this phone has somehow gone backwards in the forward in the forward race for smartphones technology hence those mixed reviews on internet reviews which users of the Light phone too don’t have access to.

Nubia Alpha: The Phone With An Identity Crisis

It is a phone a watch a smartwatch well it’s kind of all three it’s a smartphone watch if you’re tired of carrying around your cell phone and your hand then this might be the cell phone for you the Nubia Alpha smartphone is designed to be worn like a watch and with its Sleek design it’s clearly meant to look futuristic The Phone features a long narrow screen that literally wraps around your wrist when you put it on and although your mind might go to a Smart Watch when you see this phone the Nubia Alpha distinguishes itself from a smartwatch by the size of its screen a screen which is also scratch resistant so you can wear the phone Around the Clock according to its website, in reality, it’s more of a smartwatch smartphones hybrid but it lacks a lot of apps for it to be a truly functioning smartphone it does have a pretty good camera though according to sources and the flexible screen considered different angles depending on how tightly you wear it in any case props to the designers for attempting to make a wearable smartphone even if this particular on Falls a little short by full smartphone standards.

Kyocera Rafre: The Bathtime Buddy

Time Buddy as our Reliance on smartphones has grown so of the requirements of what we really need from our phones are the ability to take picks yep portable designs yes and of course, water resistance we take our phones virtually everywhere including the beach swimming pools, and water parks a lot of phones will give indications as to how long they will remain water resistant but how water resistant the phone is isn’t perfectly clear the referee by Kyocera who is known for tough phones has created a really really water resistant phone as in you can wash the phone with soapy water and not damage it at all well why does this matter because you can literally take the phone into the bathtub or the shower with you and not worry about dropping it this is the first phone in the world that has done tests especially for soapy water it might seem like a small thing but knowing you can bring your phone into the bath with you seems to appeal to a lot of people

Coca-Cola Phone: Calling All Pop Cans

Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic and beloved soda drinks in the world so playing on the deep-rooted love the designers of the Coca-Cola phone have created the world’s smallest soda canned phone known as the mini Coca-Cola smartphone this little baby can load up SIM cards and it’s got 32 gig memory card and although it’s small it’s got a built-in camera yeah it looks like a toy phone at first glance but the Coca-Cola phone isn’t playing around here it is a fully functioning phone in fact the features it has are pretty impressive given its size it can be used as a Bluetooth dialer and boasts a music player an alarm camera audio recorder as well as some other features plus it’s so small it can fit in your pocket the official name of this is the set trend K8 mini but Coca-Cola phone just sounds cooler in any case the phone really does look like a tiny pop can so if cuteness is something you look for on a phone then the Coca-Cola mini phone was designed for you noe if it could only dispense real Coca-Cola

SERVO R25 Mobile Phones: The Phone That Never Dies

Battery charge is a constant struggle for all cell phone users we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t had their phone die on them during an important time just imagine if you never had to worry about your phone’s battery life again well with the Srovo r25 phone that time might be closer than you think this phone has a 6 000 milliamp hour battery that might sound like an exaggeration but it’s not battery on this phone will literally last for days based on average use of specs state that the battery has a 90-hour life so worries about your phone dying would be few and far between and although a phone will crazy long battery life is unusual this phone features something else that’s on the unusual side of the phone also has built-in tws earphones so you don’t have to worry about losing them and having re-buy them the earphones have their own special little compartment on the top of the phone which sort of begs the question how is this not invented before having the ability to store your earbuds right in your phone is kind of brilliant the phone also has a build-in power bank function as well as and FM radio but it’s really all about that cracy long battery life and built-in earphones with this unique phone concept.

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