Some Of The World Fastest Train

Here is a list of some of the world’s fastest trains.


France is no stranger to high speed trains in fact they have always been on High Speed Rail so they have held world record for the world’s fastest train for quite a while train with the TGV POs ths thing set the world record in 2007 when it clocked in at a speed of 357 miles per hour it held this record until another train on this list came around and took the title in 2015 Japan’s IO series but even thought the title has been usurped there is no arguing that the TGV POS is still a force to be reckoned with the trains operated by the French national rail company and it runs between Eastern France Paris and Southern Germany although the train has hit some record breaking speeds the train usually travels at a sped of about 200 miles per hour which is nothing to scoff at the TGV part of the Train’s name stands for Grand Vitesse and when these trains were introduced they cut the travel times between their destinations in half they are some of the most widely used trains in the world party because of their speed and partly because they cove a lot of ground making them the preferred choice for European Travelers and tourists alike.

Korail KTX

The Korail KXT operates at a speed of 217 miles per hour making it the fastest train in South Korea the trains runs along several lines including the honam line Seoul to mockpo the gyeongbu line sold to bassan and the jaola line which is Guangzhou to yaosu with a distinctive nose and Sleek design the coral KXT is an easily recognizable train that features spacious leg room for passengers and largo windows the train has 20 cars and upwards of 935 passengers can travel on board it’s got power outlets at each seat and offers onboard catering service with a selection of both Korean and International cuisine it’s widely regarded as having revolutionized transportation in South Korea because it has significantly reduced travel times between major Urban centers the train played a part in the economic boost of several regions there are different classes of service aboard the KTX including standard first class and a premium service called Prestige, Prestige class comes with a few additional perks such as wider seats access to VIP lounge some stations and built in massage function within the seats the co rail KTX has won several Awards most notably the if design award and the good design award it transported more than a billion people since it came into service in 2020 the train received an upgrade to a newer version called the KTX Elm which is better breaking faster acceleration and added more passengers features.

Shinkansen H5 and E5

East Japan Railway Company or Jr East operates a series of E5 high-speed trains but two of the fastest are the Shinkansen H5 and E5 shinkansen H5 speeds its way along the Hokkaido Shinkansen line located in Northern Japan this train has a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour the H5 came into service into March 2016 and is designed to withstand any of the harsh environmental conditions thrown its way it features de-icing equipment and special brakes that can prevent ice and snow from accumulating on the wheels the trains has 10 cars and can welcome 731 passengers aboard the shinkansen also features a large panoramic window so passengers can take it the stunning scenery of Hokkaido it’s also racked in a few of words including the Red Dot award and the good design award the E5, on the other hand, Zips it is way along the Tohoku shinkansen line it’s got a top speed of 225 miles per hour the E5 began its commercial operations in March of 2011. The train features a distinctive no hose that’s designed to reduce air resistance while minimizing loud noises that happens when the trains enter tunnels both trains are equipped with comfortable seating and onboard Wi-Fi as well as a number of safety features. The train control systems and emergency braking and like many of today’s modern high-speed trains both the Shinkansen H5 and the Shinkansen E5 are designed with the environment in mind they are both energy efficient.

The Harmony CRH 380 AL

This high speed train allows passengers unparalleled views of the scenery with its unique VIP sightseeing Zone this zone is located close to the front the train and it’s just one of this high speed trains many peaks along the dedicates sightseeing Zone the harmony crh 380a has a dining car called The Bistro and has a deluxe six seat compartment every seat on this train has a power port a reading a lamp and an electronic display so passengers can travel comfortably between visits to the sightseeing zone the train began operations on September 30th 2010 and it serves quite a few high speed railway lines it can take passengers from Beijing to shanghai form wuhau to Guangzhou and from Shanghai to Hangzhou just to name a few the train has a cruising speed of above 217 miles per hour but it can go as fast as 236 and during initial tests the train had a record speed of 258 and a half miles per hour which made it the second fastest operating train in service at the time it’s manufactured by CRS Locomotive and rolling stock company and is a very popular choice for travelers in China.

The Frecciarossa

Also known as the Red Arrow the Frecha Rosa is one of Itlay’s fastest high-speed trains the train was first introduced in 2009 and the train can travel at a top speed of 245 miles per hour although its service speed is closer to 190 miles per hour frecharosa trains are operated by Trend Italia and on an average day these trains make more than 120 connections throughout Italy for those looking to travel from Rome to Milan there are 28 non-stop trains the trip will take you less than three hours but along with the
Train’s high speeds These fast trains are also known for their luxury all these trains have Cafe cars where passengers can Revel in a wide selection of food and beverages they also feature air conditioning for those hot Italian summer days as well as free Wi-Fi which is a must in today’s internet-dependent world and for an even more glamorous way to get across Italy passenger can buy a ticket on the Frecha Rosa 1000. These trains will have you traveling in style with ergonomic seats wide corridors soundproof LED lighting and dedicated seat service this luxurious line of trains entered service in 2015 and has a passenger capacity of 457. There are only 10 seats on the entire train reserved for executive class so you best believe those seats come with a pretty hefty price tag.

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