Some Of The World Coolest Corporate Offices

Corporate headquarters buildings not only serve as the operational hubs for global companies but also stand as iconic architectural landmarks these remarkable structures combine innovative design functionally and Grandeur representing the vision and influence of the organizations they house so for today’s article we are going to explore the most incredible corporate headquarters buildings. Nowadays every company tries very hard to make its office very attractive as well as employee-friendly so that the working environment of their offices is good and productivity increases rapidly. This ranking of the corporate coolest office is on the basis of different types of infrastructure and other important appliances along with the working space, comfortability of the employees, and many more things. On the basis of these things I compared all the different offices of different corporate offices all across the world. So In this article, I am going to tell you about some of the world’s most luxurious or coolest offices in the world.


When you were a kid you probably wanted to play with Legos all day and swore when you got older and did not have to listen to your parents you did do just that but as you older and life took you down a few pegs you realize that playing with Legos all day every day really wasn’t an option that is unless you worl for Lego in Denmark because when you are working here you are surrounded by every type of Lego all the live long day just watch where you step the Lego office has an open layout that encourages not just interaction but lots of play as well between co-workers Lego wants those creative juices flowing at all times and the only way to come up with the next best Lego set is to get your hands little dirty meeting rooms are all in the same bright color as a Lego brick and al come with the comfiest and coziest of furniture to keep people feeling calm all day to boost morale and product developement the enitre place is designed so that literally anyone can just walk up to a box of Legos and go to town that does not spell a great day in the office I do not know what does when it comes to the Lego offices the company makes surfe to give the employees the tools they need to build a great career

Pallotta Team Works

Teamwork all right the next office on our list stands out from all the rest it is not because it does it bigger and better necessarily but it managed to go above and beyond to make its employees feel at home on a tight budget Pallotta team works in Los Angeles California was working with a budget of just forty dollars per square foot that is no easy task to say the least but they managed to rise to the occasion and create something truly amazing when we work within strict restrictions that is when we become the most creative people it is about making the most of what you have so what is going on at Pallotta Teamworks well they gathered a bunch of old shipping containers and customized each one individually and converted them to office before adding them into a larger office space the unique design makes for one of the most interesting office environments in the world and it is just as cheap to run the place as it was to built it which works out because palada teamworkds is a charitable organization specilaizing in raising money and putting together fundraisers raising tens of millions of dollars every year for charity you could think outside the box or you can just rethink the Box entirely


When Facebook took the world by storm in the mid – 2000s it changed culture forever so it should make sense that one of the largest most influential companies in the world has one of the largest and most influential offices tucked away 35 miles south of San Francisco Palo Alto is the base camp for many of silicon valley’s biggest technocrats launched in February of 2004 the company grew organically across a variety of different locations in Palo Alto little offices developing here and there with their own identity and community a patchwork structure that neatly mirrors the platform itself the upshot of this was a multi-headed Hydra of a company with 700 employees in 10 different offices across the city in search of a focal point Facebook decided to move these disparate elements into one central office despite its millions of dollars the company resisted the temptation to go corporate but as the company continued its exponential growth Mark Zuckerberg and his famous hoodie opted to join the ranks of silicon Valley’s bigwings opening an office in Menlo Park the inmates were truly running the Asylum here and built one of the most fun places to work Facebook’s headquaters in Menlo Park sits on the edge of San Francisco Bay on a sprawling campus that feels more like a town than an office mpk as insiders call it covers more than 250 acres and contains more than 30 builgings Facebook hired Consultants who helped design Disneland to build out the campuses main street which looks like afusion of Palo alto and the nearby town where Facebook was founded and Downtown Disney though there are no amusement park rides here the winding Central Road is lined with Phil’s coffee a barber wshop and plenty of good eats even world-renowned architect and desgner Frank Gary desiged two connected buildings on Facebook’s campus mpk 2.0 and 2.1 unlike some of Gary’s sculptural metallic Creations these open plan buildings aim to integrate the surrounding ecosystem with big windows and a chain of tree filled town sqares there are even a 12.6 acre rooftop Park where empoyees can look down to spot the wild foxes running around on the campus

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