Some New Futuristic Modes Of Transport

As technology advances at an unprecedented pace the way we travel is changing dramatically from flying taxis to hyperloop systems autonomous systems vehicle magnetic trains, in today’s article we are going to know about some of the top futuristic transport technology. Some of this technology is in the trial period and you will soon be able to travel on it in the upcoming days and others are in the trial period and it may take some more time to come into particle. These new modes of transportation are not only more convenient for the common people but also eco-friendly, new technology like electric planes play an important role in fighting against some of the major global problems like climate change and global warming. So these are some new futuristic modes of transportation.

Electric Planes

We have all people flying remote control aircraft for a hobby and helicopters which seem to be getting bigger and more complicated with each passing decade but imagine if those planes were much much bigger and could actually fly around with full size human passengers we you may not have to imagine it for much longer because electric planes are a very real thing also known as e-planes it’s an idea that’s grown increasingly popular recently due to their lack of Reliance on fossil fuel thereby reducing cost noise pollution and carbon emissions these planes run on electric motors and are powered by batteries which can usually be found in the fuselage or the wings much like an electric car the batteries can be charged at charging stations which are located on the ground thankfully although there is an option to use on board generators during the flight itself such as wind turbines or solar panels needless to say e-planes also make significantly no noise and are practically silent which means they could potentially be used over more urban areas and that people who currently live near airports can start saving money on air plugs but we have talking about vehicles from the future so there still are some challenges using batteries for instance means they can only fly for a certain distance or a certain amount of time before needing to be recharged and that could be as little as a few hours also batteries technology is very expensive so it’s likely their airlines using e-planes would be passing their lack of savings onto you in other worlds a ticket for an e plane could be more than a little expensive this may change over time of course so maybe electric planes could be on course to change international travel forever.

Personal Rapid Transit

If you grow up in the 80s you might have had one of those toys which consisted of too little remote control cars that you can send speeding around their very own race track and personal rapid transit or PRT is a little bit like that in other words PRT Vehicles run on dedicated guideways between two very specific locations but it does mean you can get there extremely quickly imagine a world where you don’t have to wait for a bus or a train where you never need to make the transfer halfway through your journey and where you can simply request a ride at any time and be taken directly to destination well that’s the idea of personal rapid transit designed to carry up to six passengers PRT vehicles rely on computers or sensors who allow them to travel along their various guideways perhaps the most obvious benefit of this is the positive effects that PRT could have on congestion the days of being stuck in traffic would be a thing of most past and less congestion of course means less cars which means less carbon emissions it is kind of a win win so is this just an idyllic image of the future with no bases in reality well no because PRT systems have already been used in some pretty major locations such as London’s Heathrow Airport and Morgantown West Virginia but of course there are challenges the cost of building such a system for instance can be astronomical not to mention the various safety concerns but who knows maybe PRT could be the future of public transport.

Autonomous Drones

A couple of years ago you only ever hear the drones on the news after the Army had used them for bombing purpose during a war these days however drones are becoming more and more common with members of the general public buying their very own otherwise known as UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles drones can be flown via a remote control as you have probably doing in his back Garden or if we are talking about the more advantage models can be programmed with the predefined flight path these days drones are used from everything from military applications to package delivery surveillance and agriculture there are YouTube video of people using them to catch their partners cheating which probably wasn’t the use the creator of the Drones envisioned perhaps most importantly drones can be used for things that are far too dangerous for human to attempt think about the needs to survey disaster areas or to enter difficult to access places to arrange rescue missions drones can often go where a bulky flesh and blood human can’t or consider the need to inspect power lines or dangerous bridges the danger major involved is pretty much irrelevant to a drone also once again drones can be very cost effective although this could come at a worker’s expanse and it they become widely used for things such as monitoring crops or spraying pesticides then it could cost people their jobs any more downsides well yeah a big concerns is privacy after all the last thing you want if you are sunbathing on your back Garden is to see that drones belonging to your next door neighbor suddenly hovering over you head.

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