Some Impressive President Security In World

The POTUS Doomsday Fleet

while the air force may be synonymous with the American President title of a solid Harrison Ford Movie it’s just one of many aircraft in the president’s fleet yep there’s Air Force too which carries the vice president but then there’s the whole other Fleet that the Air Force tries to keep out of sight from the public the United States has been building and equipped a special set of planes since the 1960s whose sole purpose has been to evacuate the president in the event of nuclear attack and command the war from they are and while all these aircraft may not be a total secret they are rarely mentioned and the Air Forces has never publicly acknowledged owning them even though they’re just a phone call telephone but plenty of people have sifted through years of information Declassified records interviews and historical documents to put together the secret of the secret fleet while Air Force One is simply a call sign for any aircraft carrying the president the typical behemoth Boeing model are not the only plane that fleet there are multiple helicopters and Gulf streams that former presidents have been known to use and they will evne send multiples of the smae models as decoys so you will never know which one the president is in and then there’s the air support that can be called in just a matter of minutes with one of the more well known instances being actually after Sepetmber 11 when President George W Bush’s Air Force One was quickly flanked by escorting F-16 Flighting Falcons.

Ten-Minute Medicines

Ten-Minute Medicines While there are thousands of Secret Service working for the United States government apart only a select few can work for the president’s protection division no select few are all trained in something called 10 minutes medicines this means they can do everything humanly possible to keep the president alive until they can specialized medical attention in the event of an emergency this means that when they travel they have never more than 10 miles away from trauma centers and an agent will be posted at the hospital who knows the operating rooms staff but to play safe the group traveling with the president will have multiple bags of blood ready for transfusion should the need arise it may sound a little silly but this sort of training was given shortly after an assassination attempt was made on Ronald Reagan in 1981. Reagan was shot and while the plan was to bring him home to the White House he was suffering from internal bleeding of the lungs they re-rooted Reagan to the hospital where he underwent life-saving surgery for the next several hours and chances are the wouldn’t have survived that initial ride home.

White House Surface-to-Air Missiles

As you can probably imagine Washington DC is a big-time no-fly zone if too many planes are flying over the White House then it’s way too easy for a bad apple to fall through the cracks so it’s best to keep those skies clear the closest major airport is the Ronald Reagan National Airport and Virginia and any plane not scheduled to land there or that’s following a very strict trajectory is given a pretty nasty warning sign but he isn’t baseball meaning there are no three strikers in your out there it’s just one warning anyone wo doesn’t show immediate compliance is a goner courtesy of the White House surface to air missiles and it’s not just one long defense system either it’s a whole slew of them placed all around the compound this matter what angle plane is coming from because there is a fresh missile with their name on it at every turn obvioulsy the general public isn’t really privy tot he exact locations but the rumors have been circulating for years about the high-speed tech Avenger missile defense system on the roof of the White House itself and while we can never know if that’s true one thing we do not know for sure is that threre are plenty of laser systems that detech any possible airborne threats up to a mile out that alert the necessary air defense systems


Of Course, all members of the U.S. Secret Service are highly trained in weapons use having deadly accuracy with Firearams like the Remington 870 short guns fnp90 machine guns the Heckler and MP5, and various other pistols but what about those moments in close or crowded quarters because guns can’t always live everything that’s why the Secret Service is all trained in hand to hand combat specifically Systema. Systema is a brutal yet calculated Russian martial art that is used by the Spetsnaz and KGB as well it simply translates to the system in English Systema is a very crucial marshal art is play a very important role in the security of the President of any country, because of its accuracy to shoot any enemy precisely it is also known as walking dead security forces of the world. At present many presidents of different countries use these security forces for their security that why it is one of the most impressive security forces in the world at present time. Systema is not only very accurate to their location but also very much aware of the situation. Systema is unlike most other martial arts it abandons things like katas and tournaments and adopts anything goes mentality Systema involves controlling the attacker’s levers arms legs and elbows giving the user the Supreme upper hand as they bend their opponent’s appendages in ways that nature never intended not only that but the Russian martial arts is also involving defense against weapons and weapon disarmament so if someone comes at secret service members with a gun and all they have is their hands the agent can likely disarm the assistant quickly bring them to the ground gain and maintain control and start breaking bones.

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