Part-II, World’s Future Car

#7. Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

It’s finally happening Lamborghini is going electric good bad who knows the terrazo millennial concept car was unveiled in 2017 wit an awesome futuristic exterior design with a unique all-electric powertrain thanks to their partnering with MIT professor instead of the usual Lithium-ion batteries Lamborghini opted to equip their turtso Millennial concept with super capacitors seen in their v12 powered Aventador the folks at Lamborghini have gone on the record in multiple press releases stating that they want the future of energy storage systems to deliver high peak power and regenerate kinetic energy with minimal influence from aging and cycling during the vehicle’s life go fast go far go long I guess and if it all sounds too good to be true think again because this concept technology made its way into the limited production Lamborghini Sion fkp37 in 2019 powered by a hybrid V12 powertrain so this turso Millennial may not be a reality just yet but the tech is very real so what happens when a high performance sports car moves away from Lithium-ion batteries well some of the benefits of super capacitors include being one-third of the traditional weight of Lithium-ion batteries but can produce three times the power same density another benefit of super capacitors is that they charge very quickly from regenerative braking and can instantly release that power an even more unique feature of this one the electric motors are located in the wheels allowing for four-wheel drive this allowed designers to have more freedom with the vehicle’s exterior design making way for Unique angles and aerodynamic elements that just aren’t possible with large Lithium-ion batteries and electric motors taking up all that space.

#6. Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Who says that SUVs can’t be fancy or luxurious not Ferrari unveiling their first SUV the Ferrari Puro sanguay uses at a 775 horsepower naturally aspirated six and a half liter V12 engine and a rare-mounted dual clutch transaxle power to the front axle is delivered by a separate two-speed transmission that’s only active in conjunction with the rear axle’s first four gears so for those non-gear heads out there that means the driver can go fast without having to give up control the rear doors are rear-hinged and operated letting you enter a world of heated ventilated massaging back seats That’s Right This SUV will give you a massage as you cruise home from a hard office day the office then there’s the multimatic spool valve active dampers four-wheel steering and Bodywork that has more aerodynamic tricks up its sleeve than a Formula One car Ferrari knows that its first SUV has to be something special something that truly stands above the crowd and this resulting effort is truly something special it’s not to be outdone the pure sanguage V12 engine shares a load with the 48 volt electric motor at Each corner to actively level the body instead of simply reacting to uneven pavement the pure sanguage 4 suspension assemblies compare notes every 50 milliseconds to smooth Bumps by either lifting or lowering each wheel independently forget about a smart car these are smart wheels thinking and remembering and talking to the suspension to give you the smoothest ride imaginable.

#5 Mercedes Vision EQXX

Mercedes is never going to go out of style come on but they constantly ask themselves how can we outdo ourselves and that’s where the Mercedes Vision EQXX comes in it’s often eclipsed by other concepts cars this one is more than worthy of our collection attention this one’s meant to demonstrate Mercedes current battery technology that will catapult their fleet into the future as they hit a 600 mile range on just one charge and it succeeded in all initial tests but the vision eqxx broke its own recors and improved its range to ver 620 miles soon after this one truly is as some of its parts though first off the vehicle’s exterior design is meant to reduce as much drag as possible thanks to a low profile sloping roof line and plenty other aerodynamic elements like Flaps in the front that open up at higher speed as well as active rear diffuser this thing can cut through the air like a hot knife through butter the air passing under the cooling plate of the vision also helps cool its Electronics resulting in the vehicle not needing extra fans and fancy cooling elements thus reducing weight and the need for extra power from the electric motor Mercedes has also increased the energy density in its battery pack making it 30 percent lighter and more efficient than other solid-state batteries another interesting element of the vision is its roof containing 117 solar cells to gain as much as extra range as possible this solar roof Powers the car’s navigation system which is one less electronic system for the main battery pack to power talk about the sunroof.

#4. Mercedes Vision AVTR

While the film Avatar did have a unique environmentalist message one that may shun cars the Mercedes Vision vtr looks like a it was made for the planet Pandora in fact that’s where Mercedes got the name and while more technically avtr in this case stand for advanced vehicle transformation don’t be surprised to see a giant blue Navi hooked up into the drover’s seat the concept for this vehicle embodies what the folks at Mercedes-Benz thinks our future would look like and they’ve Incorporated four high performance rear–wheel build electric motors to go with this oddly agile looking Vehicle Division avtr uses a 350 kilowatt engine to set the bar high for powertrains and the torque distribution allows for those four fully individual controllable motors to operate at maximum efficiency but four engines and all-wheel drive means that according to Mercedes each wheel can be controlled individually depending on the driving situation and because the front and rear axles can move simultaneously and in opposite direction this thing can move sideways is at about 30 degree .

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