Part II Of Future Bus Designs

#6. VW Sedric School Bus

All right we let grown-ups we have all the fun millions of children rely on the school bus to get them to and from school and thankfully Volkswagen id looking to brighten their commute too unveiled during Volkswagen group night at the 2018 Geneva motor show the Cedric school bus is a fully autonomous electric vehicle that can transport kids without a driver Volkswagen has been relatively hush-hush about the logistics of this bumblebee bus but they have taken the old school design of the school design of the school bs and turned it into a cool bus the interior has a two-person Lunge seat and a large OLED entertainment screen that ought to make the journey to school a little more palatable for students the model also has two aluminum boxes that double his seats and provide an area for storing backpacks or other items since the concept is fully autonomous Volkswagen has said parents can just call up the bus when their kids are ready to go the bus would then travel door to door picking up other kids before taking them to school the manufacturer also claims that their Cedric school bus will analyze traffic data in real time making sure everyone gets to school well before the first Bell Rings the only downside so far of this autonomous vehicle is that the four-seat pod configuration isn’t ideal for transporting a busload of kids at once and if you are ever taken a bus to school then you will know that the back seats really are not the best giving you the bumpiest ride of your life chances are though that the Cedric will have optimal suspension for smooth sailing no matter where you sit.

#5. Credo E-Bone

The brainchild of Hungarian designer Peter Simon The Credo e-bone is a bus concept that runs on hydrogen and lithium batteries to add sustainability to public transportation City living often means a nice layer of smoke and smog hanging low in the air for public consumption seeping into our lungs and causing all sorts of problems in the long run so it is nice that future bushes are looking to turn all that around Simon’s bus concept is made to look just like its namesake featuring a body finished and lightweight composite plastic that resembles the human skeleton structure this zero emission bus allows-in wheel drive as it includes electric motors and all the wheels it also uses hydrogen cells and power storage in the form of Lithium-ion batteries right on the bus’s rooftop this concept is ultra lightweight it is just about as sustainable as can because it requires significantly less power to get going but the design also makes commuting a little bit more fun The Credo e-bone is made to look like the world’s most adorable bug as it chugs along down the street with its large antenna displaying the bus route who did ever say public bushes needed to be long rectangular blocks well may be its’s time for bushes to have little more fun it looks like The Credo-e bone is the perfect specimen to lead the electric charge.

#4. B2US Hybrid

Leave it to the Europeans to bring us yet another Green solution to commuting the industrial designer Francesca gosh has conjured up the hybrid powered b2us which is a low emission public bus proposed for the city of Barcelona and Spain this concept shows off a lean clean uncluttered linearity combined with smooth curves at the corners it is easy on the eyes getting rid of those harsh Corners we are so used to seeing on our City’s bushes the simple yet effective color combination of black and white design has an aesthetic appeal that is almost impossible to deny but don’t let the looks take all the credit because that is what’s on the inside that counts here the concept’s transmission will be hybrid with part of it being Guided by Clean bright solar power and as you did expect the bus’s solar panels are installed on the top roof to soak up all those Sun’s Rays the advanced suspension would be based on magnetic levitation where an object is suspended with support from magnetic fields think the maglevs of Japan whether or not that sort of Technology can work on a bus only time will tell but if we can dream it then I guess we can do it another fantastic aspect of the b3s is the urilization of organic LEDs or OLED technology these Oleds allow the side facades to display information on the interior regarding of the location of the bus seat availability next stops and more at the end of the day we’ll have an aesthetically simple eco-friendly bus that accentuates the sustainable facet of public transportation as well as out of the overall City.

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