New Inventions That Will Change The Future

Self Driving Cars

for those of us that spend hours of our precious time and daily commutes we know all too well that the struggle is real inching along Bumper to Bumper literally just wasting time stuck behind the wheel what if we could better use that time you have likely heard of self-driving cars by now Tesla’s already developed a complex autopilot mode but the reality is self driving cars are still very much in development stages the concept is that passengers will be able to enjoy a commute or car ride because they will be free to read binge a Netflix series or even sleep if you are a commuter what could you do at the time in your car if you did not have to drive there are also some other benefits to self driving cars such as a reduction in accidents due to human error self driving cars come with a whole slew of questions though most of them safety related which is why they are still a work in progress but once all the Kinks are worked out and self-driving cars become the norm while needless to say that this amazing event will impact our daily lives that we can even fully comprehend yet.

Banana Vaccines

The theory behind banana vaccines is pretty simple they are bananas that have been genetically engineered to carry vaccines all right so why do they have the potential to change the future well because they could be an extremely inexpensive way to provide life-saving vaccines to children in third world countries biotechnologists at the Boyce Thompson Institute for plant research have found a way to genetically engineer a banana to produce the antigen found in the outer coat of the hepatitis B virus now traditional doses of vaccines can cost between 100 and 200 bucks a dose but banana vaccine can be made for as little as a few cents per dose furthermore bananas are not typically already grown in the countries that would need them the most so growing them would not be a problem so just how influential could banana vaccines be well just 10 hectares of banana vaccines would be enough to vaccinate all the children in Mexico under five that is mind boggling and of course the banana could be genetically engineered to have different vaccines but it does not just stop there the vaccines could be served as a puree and since it would be eaten it eliminates any risk of medical mistakes like vaccine injuries basically the vaccines would not need to be administered by licensed professionals because there is no needles involved so they are not only a game changer in third world countries they can also be used for children all over the world since I’m pretty sure a child would choose a spoonful of banana puree over a needle any day I know I would.

Emotional Artificial Intelligence

Inetelligence the world of arrtficial intelligence is a complex and often contentious subject for some it conjures up images of a complete robot takeover for others it promises an Innovative and exciting future but no matter which side of the spectrum you are on one thing is guaranteed artificial intelligence is now and will continue to be an important part of our world now we already have ai and all sorts of things social media vacuum cleaner robots humanoid robots and something called emotional artificial intelligence otherwise known as effective AI it claims to breach the Gap most often associated with AI human emotion effective AI collect data from voices faces and Body Language then uses that data to measure human emotions so what does this mean well it is still in the early stages but MIT media lab for example is crating a wearable device that can determine the mood of a person and then release different scents to help soothe or calm that person and while that does not in and or itself sound exactly like a game changer in the scope of the world the fact that we are dipping into a type of AI focused on human emotions opens the door for a seemingly endless world of possibilities will we be able to teach robots how to feel just how human will humanoid robots become I guess only time will tell.

Flexible Display Foldable Electronics

It seems that when it comes to smartphones or really any other type of electronics the landscape is always changing companies and manufacturers are in a constant race to come up with the latest and greatest inventions flexible displays are a new invention that have the potential to change how we use carry and view our electronics well now basically flexible displays or rolled displays as they are sometimes called allow users to roll up the screen much like a scroll without distorting the image the technology could be applied to a variety of electronics from televisions to laptops to smart watches with phones for an example people do not want anything too big because that it is too bulky to carry but they do not want anything too small because the display is too hard to see so if they could fold or roll up the screen for easy carrying and then unroll it when they want to use it well that would just open up a whole new world when it comes to electronic portability and it is not flexible displays that are being invented there are also stretch screens and folding ones too many of these are still in the Prototype stage but given the speed at which electronic advancements go it likely won’t be long before you can take your device out of your pocket and unfold on roll or stretch it out to catch up on emails or browse your social media.

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