Most Elite Special Forces In The World

When it comes to protecting their countries and carrying out high-risk emissions elite special forces are some of the most highly trained and skilled warriors on the planet from the legendary U.S. Navy Seals to the fiercely disciplined French Foreign Legion these specialized units operate at the highest levels of secrecy and precision.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Special Operations Forces

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Special Operations forces it’s a highly trained and specialized unit within the Chinese military established in the late 1980s the pla sof is responsible for carrying out a range of missions including reconnaissance sabotage counter-terrorism and hostage rescue it’s been involved in a number of high profile operations including the rescue of Chinese hostages in the Sudan and the evacuation of Chinese citizens from Libya during the 2011 Civil War made up of soldiers who have undergone rigorous physical and mental training men who possess a high level of skill in the area such as Marksmanship Close Quarters combat and navigations the units also known for its use of advanced technology and Equipment including unmanned aerial vehicles and specialized weapons the group is divided into several subunits each with its own specialization Focus these include a reconnaissance unit which is responsible for gathering intelligence Behind Enemy Lines and the counter terrorism unit which is tasked with responding to terrorist threats within China the unit also has a special operations Aviation unit with which provides air support for ground operations the role of the plasof had become increasingly important in recent years as China seeks to expand its Global influence and protect its interests abroad and had been involved in operations in Africa the Middle East and Southeast Asia and is certain to play a fundamental role in China’s military strategy in the future.

The Turkish Special Forces Command

Turkish Special Forces Command also known as the ursulpantangler is a specialized and secretive unit within the Turkish Armed Forces was establish in 1952 and has most sensitive and dangerous missions that turkey has to deal with the okk is made up of soliders who have excelled in the regular military and have undergone further rigorous physical and mental training possessing a high level of skill in areas such as Marksmanship Close Quarters combat and covert operations operators within the unit have access to the latest technology and Equipment making them a force to be reckoned with the ok is divided into several subunits Each of which trains and specializes in a certain area these include for example the Special Operations unit which is responsible for carrying out a range of missions including direct action reconnaissance and sabotage and the Special Forces underwater operations unit which of course specializes in underwater operations such as amphibious assaults and Costal reconnaissance while they are mainly deployed on domestic missions the okk has been involved in a number of International operations including peacekeeping mission in Somali Bosnia and Kosovo duo to Turkey’s location in the world the unit also played a vita role in fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq conducting cross border operation and providing support to local and international forces and continues to be the last line of defence between the Turkey public and threats from the other side of the Border

The Indian National Security Guard

The Indian national security guard is the Special Forces Unit that is tasked with counter terrorism operations and protection of high value Targets in India it was initially formed in 1984 following the assassination of the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to counter the growing threat of terrorism in the country and since then has carried number of high profile operations including the 2008 Mumbai attacks and the 2016 Pathankot attack organizations based in New Delhi and it has two main operational units the first is a special Action Group which is responsible for conducting counter terrorism operations and the second is the special Ranger group that’s tasked with providing security to high value targets such as VIPs and critical infrastructure the NSG is considered one of the most elite special forces of all with rigorous selection and training processes that ensure only the most elite soldiers make it through the selection process includes physical fitness tests psychological evaluations and interviews and even once they are selected NSG commandos on undergo a grueling nine month training program that includes Marksmanship close quarter battle explosives handling and other specialized skill as well as their primary role in counter terrorism and security duties the NSG also assists in Disaster Response and hostage rescue operation across India now recruitent form regions thousands the country to ensure all group are represented in the unit the NSG has an unusually broad range of responsibilities which means it’s involved in all aspects of Indian security and safety.

The South Korean Special Warfare Commando

With continual threats being posed by North Korea the South Korean special Warfare command is a highly specialized unit of the Republic of Korean army that engages in combat missions more often than most it was established in 1969 with the mission of carrying out Special Operations in support of National Security and it’s become known for its highly skilled soldiers who undergo extensive training in various disciplines such as hind to hand combat weapons handling explosives and parachuting the organization is composed of several teams each specializing in a different area of expertise these teams indlude the Special Forces special reconnaissance and special Warfare development with the Special Forces team being responsible for conducting unconventional warfare direct action and counter terrorism operations the special reconnaissance team which conduct reconnaissance and intelligence gathering operations in support of other units and the special Warfare development team being responsibel for the development and testing of new equipment and tactics since its incorporation the SWC has been involved in countless missions in support of South Korea’s national security will domestically and internationally one of its most high profile tasks was providing security for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul but they were also deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 as part of the international security assistance force and carried out various missions against Taliban and Al-Qaeds forces North Korean threats are of course their main focus and it’s this group that is first to respon to anything across the border in 1968 for example the SWC was deployed to repel a North Korean Commando unit attempting to infiltrate South Koran by sea and in 2100 the unit was involved in the response of the sinking of the South Korean warship channel 9 which was believed to have been attacked by North Korea taking on the search and Recovery operation as well as the subsequent investigation.

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