Luxurious RVs And Motorhome World

If you are traveling somewhere that’s within a reasonable distance to drive then you could take everything you need with you in an RV and that way you are guaranteed to be in the utmost comfort so with many different features and amenities available it’s surely the best way to travel so in today’s article we are taking a look at the top 15 most luxurious RVs and motorhome here we go, so there is the list of some of the most luxurious RVs present in all across the world at present time.

Furion Elysium

Designed by Fusion which is a tech company that sells everything from TVs to Yachts the Elysium was first revealed to the world in 2017 and it remains one of the most spectacular motorhome that money can buy of course the moment that you see that I have its very own helicopter and landing pad on the roof you know it’s a pricey one with costs ranging between two and a half and four and a half million dollars depending on the specs that you choose for this you get everything you could possibly want from a mobile home from the inbuilt jacuzzi that’s also on the roof to the several 75 inch TVs built-in Wi-Fi and security cameras that give a 360-degree view around the exterior and plenty more to the rear of the Interior is an elegant master bedroom complete with a private bathroom and the onboard kitchen features the latest in smart appliances there is also a spacious Lounge area and couches that can fold out to offer further beds if needed and even more TV screens in the exterior paneling so you can watch movies or the big game out in the open it measures about 43 feet or 13 meters long and you will never feel short of space in this futuristic vehicle and you may see yourself choosing to live there full time as opposed to a house at a fixed location

Entegra Cornerstone

Entegra Coach is one the leading motorhome manufacturers and the company’s most popular model is the Cornerstone it’s regularly updated with the latest features you can easily forget when you are inside that you are anywhere other than a luxury apartment powered by a 15-liter turbocharged Cummings Engine the starting prince for a Cornerstone is just under none hundred thousand dollars but the choice of extras could easily double that at the rear there is a large master bedroom with a king sized bed and a private bathroom then there is a kitchen area living area another bathroom and a number of layout options that either increase the living space or at a movie theater setup with leather finishing throughout a huge amount of storage and satellite dish to ensure you’re always connected it’s built to venture virtually anywhere you could possibly want to go and it even comes with solar panels if you want to live off-grid every effort has also been put into making it an enjoyable drive from the cameras to show all the blind spots to the 15-inch touchscreen infotainer system and temperature controlled leather driver’s seat meaning no matter how great ofa distance and plan to travel you will be able to do so in comfort and sytle

Prevost H3-45 VIP

The Prevost H-345 VIP is the company’s Flagship motorhome model and it’s specifically marketed as the music industry’s number one choice with a fully customizable interior that can be adapted to specific requirements measuring 45 feet or about 13.7 meters long the entire vehicle is fully soundproofed and reinforced and has sides that can slide out to offer further interior space and it also offers a huge amount of storage space underneath the main compartment various configurations are suggested such as having a rear bedroom compartment a large living area or even a recording studio with mounts for at least four different large screen TVs full climate control throughout and adaptive lighting as needed the focus on personal customization means that it can be as expensive and luxurious as you want with the base model costing around three quarters of a million dollars and upgrades easily costing a further million on top of that next time you see your favorite artist on tour it’s quite possible they will be traveling to events in a motorhome just like this and you can be assured they will be fully rested and relaxed in preparation for the show just like you would be if you were able to use one of these for your next vacation

SLRV Commander 8*8

Most motorhome are limited in where they can go because of their size but if you truly want to go off-road and still live a life of luxury then an SLRV Commander 8*8 is the ideal choice at 40 feet or 12 meters long this all-terrain military style RV has two stories and space inside for a family of eight the upper level can be raised or lowered as needed and has space for six children to sleep downstairs there is the master bedroom and an ensuite bathroom along with a spacious living area a kitchen that’s complete with two ovens and tow refrigerators don’t know why you would need that there are also four 32 inch televisions throughout a future king-sized bed that can be lowered over the living area and full internet connectivity that’s guaranteed to work virtually anywhere you go what’s particularly impressive about this motorhome though is the 12 and a half liter six-cylinder diesel engine that can tackle almost any terrain the solar panels across the roof that can power all of the onboard equipment and the up to 265 gallon or one thousand liter water tank that will keep you supported over long distance tracks there is even extra storage space at the rare for bikes or a motorcycle meaning you can drive this inot the middle of the Wilderness and explore to your’s heart’s content

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