List Of The World’s Best Private Jets

These days due to huge development in the field of transportation private jets becoming more luxurious and demand for these private jets increases day by day. Due to this development, many companies come up with different new models of private jets with world-class facilities. In this article, I am going to write a list of some of the most expensive and luxurious private jets in the world and some important details knowledge about these jets.

Airbus A 340 300.

If you did like to own the next plane on our list then you better be a billionaire because it come with a nasty price tag of 500 million dollars the Airbus A 340 300 is not joking around and in fact a proud owner of one of these models is the Russian billionaire Atashare Usemanov while Usementoff has plenty of private jets to get him from A to B this A 340 300 is the choice plane when it comes to his long haul journey with a mix range of about 8 500 miles and the thing about this plane is that while it may belong to man it is still an airbus so this thing is huge despite the sheer amount of space there may only be a handful of people on board at a time it is the prefect jet because it feels like you have the entire place to yourself this model is even bigger than Vladimir Putin personal aircraft and features some luxury options like the soft leather seats and multiple full sized bedrooms on top of the initial half a billion dollar cost usmanoc spent an additional 170 million dollars to decorate up to his standards

Airbus a 380

It should be pretty clear by now that when it comes to luxury aircraft Airbus does it right and so their A 380 is no exception the A 380 is the largest passenger aircraft ever made and just so happens to be one of the heaviest weighings in at about 1.3 million pounds because of those specs this is not the most popular or common choice for a luxury jet but Prince Alawid Bintala of Saudi Arabia does not care he went ahead and bought one anyway for about 600 million back in 2007 at the Dubai air show and despite owning such a large and expensive toy in true rich kid fashion the prince never uses it but that did not stop him from going all out because his A 380 is so tricked out that it is known as another one of his flying places he added a car garage a Turkish bath and two decks of living and working spaces with the top deck being VIP only which will probably change depending on how the prince is feeling that day

Tyler Perry’s Gulf Stream 3

Love him or hate him Tyler Perry is one of the most successful actors directors and producers in the world so he spared no expense when he bought his Gulf Steam 3. Gulfstream is an obvious Top Choice for many celebrities who can foot the 125 million dollar bill which does not even include all of the fun add-ons Perry’s private jet comes equipped with more technology than most of us in our own houses including a nice 42-inch HD TV with the Blue-ray player a separate satellite TV and a remote controlled theater lighting set the mood for his in-flight Madea movie marathons and of course, the electronically controlled window shades this plane is absolutely insane and probably feels a lot more like a movie theater in the sky than it does a plane but hey that is what millions of dollars will get you and do not forget that Tyler Perry also owns a private island so his gulf stream 3. Is the perfect way to get away

Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream

The next high flyer on our list is no stranger to living a lavish lifestyle starring in films like top fun and the mission impossible series Tom Cruise’s love of airplanes and living fast extends outside of his acting  he made his dream a reality in his 36 million dollar Gulf stream for this state of the art 19 passenger jet is powered by two rolls Roy tay-611 engines and even refreshes the cabins’ air every two minutes nothing but the best for this decade-spanning action star Cruz and his guests get to enjoy watching his movies in the Jet’s private screening room to give them the full theater experience at 45 000 feet in the air and because that is not enough the Gulfstream even comes equipped with a jacuzzi when he’s not flying in serious style in the Gulf Stream crew zones and operates multiple smaller airplanes but his favorite has got to be his restored World War II fighter the P-51 Mustang tank about the Need for Speed

USA air force

Probably the most recognized VIP aircraft in the world is the United States President’s Air Force it served the American President for decades and is basically a white horse with wings while any aircraft carrying the president uses the call sign Air Force the current aircraft is the Boeing  747 – 200 more commonly referred to s the vc25a the plane comes with plenty of Defense systems to keep everyone safe including a radar jammer countermeasures to disrupt heat-seeking missiles and holds extensive communication facilities with the most up to date hardware this plane can also be refueled mid-flight so it can stay in the air as long as it needs to and while Air Force one serves more of a functional purpose it still offers 4 000 square feet with plenty of lounges conference rooms hospital two galleries serving gourmet food and the presidential suite the aircraft was recently remodeled under President Donald Trump and the overhaul cost about 1.4 billion dollars

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