Future Cars That Will Change The Auto Industry

You know so many cars out on the road today. it can be kind of tough to choose your favorite what’s hot today is old new by tomorrow as car manufacturers both old and new work tirelessly to design the coolest future cars from high performance SUVs electric vehicles that can travel for hundred of miles on just one charge and even vehicles that look better suited for Martian terrain there are so many amazing concepts are there. Here is the list of some top cars model that will change the auto industry all around the world.

#15. Audi AI-Trail Quatro

Nothing really could prepare you for this concept car on our list. The Audi Al Trail Quattro definitely has what it takes to become the best off-road vehicle on the market when it officially drops and while it may not look like your typical ATV or rugged off-roader of the day it takes direct inspiration from none other than the NASA’s lunar rover Audi went for a Sleek monobox volume and all Glass design to give passengers a full 360 degree view of the terrain around them and let them truly enjoy the great outdoors but while this vehicle is Uber futuristic it still goes for a more grounded approach offering a modern dashboard with all of the typical bells and whistles that we see these days so drivers can keep their eyes on the bumpy roads at all times. Somtimes when it comes to design the smallest details make the biggest difference but what sets this thing from anything else on four wheels are the five drones it comes with they work to scout the trail ahead as well as light the trails at night meaning the i-trail Quattro is completely headlight free and the best part about this crazy concept vehicle the rear seats are designed as hammocks so you will be ready to chill with your feet up at a moment’s notice this car is going to make a nature lover out of even the toughest of City Slickers. These types of cars will surely going to change the auto industry in upcoming years.

#14. Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

Who does it better than Roll-Royce it may not be the prettiest concept in the world but it’s the Rollls-Royce Vision next 100 and it’s a total standout this thing is proof that Rolls-Royce is looking to join the race to see who will make the best electric vehicles while still maintaining their classic look. The manufacturer has always ben about luxury and riding in style so why would this thing be any different, this car is fully electric and it’s foing to put all private drivers of the Rich and Famous out of business because it’s fully autonomous too your new electric chauffer is named Eleanor and is said to cater to every need of the passenger the longer she is in your employee the more she is going to learn about you she can remember all your favorite restaurants and nightclubs your favorite roots your taste in music and hopefully a lot more she can maybe even ask you how your day went when she picks you up from work but the car itself is a good 20 feet long at just under six feet tall so quite literally it stands Above the Rest and we’ll have anyone lucky enough to go for a ride feeling larger than life.

#13. DS X E-Tense

This concept car known as the dsxe tents is probably the most of this world vehicle er have seen today but rest assured that the folks at DC are working tirelessly to make their dream a reality French automaker DS is known for making some of the wildest luxury cars on the market so this concept is really no surprise the biggest thing here undoubtedly is the car’s look opting for a three-seat layout as opposed to your average two or four and then going for a half hard top half convertible look the driver’s seats completely exposed while the passengers remain enclosed with a roof over their heads so even it you are with friends you can feel like you’re cruising down the streets all your own with the Wind in your hair and keeping with the theme of separation The DSX e10s has two separate engines to be used on different occasions this concepts comes with two modes one meant for your daily commute driving to the grocery store and picking up the kids while the others meant for the racetrack that is right this concept vehicle doubles as a race car and is the perfect model for any wealthy suburb night leading a fat-paced double life like so many other vehicles the e-tense is built with autonomous driving so if you choose it has an awesome power rating of over 1300 horsepower.

#12. Mercedes-Benz F 015

Slogan for the Mercedes-Benz may be luzxury in motion but there’s no denting that this expensive silver monolith is one strange looking vehicle fully autonomous it opts for a limousine style layout on the inside with the passenger seats facing inward and saloon style doors and no driver the doors will also have six inbuilt display screens that let everyone inside with the car itself not only with the high resolution touchscreens but with eye tracing as well. It maybe a bit too 1984 for some but br prepared to see the upper echelon of society parading around between Galas and lavish dinner parties in her and the best part is that the windows are all tinted silver to match that slick Paint Job meaning you’ll never know who’s inside it could be two Hollywood’s hottest new couples on a double date or it could be a solo passenger looking for a little luxurious me time while this Mercedes-Benz is still in conceptual phase ther’s no denyig that it’s probably gonna make cyberpunk style cars a reality.

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