Coolest Corporate Headquarter Buildings

9. Corus Quay

Too many people sit in Gray drab stale offices iwth fluorescent lighting illuminating their cubicles but if you are working in chorus entertainment’s Toronto headquarters then you came to play sitting eight sotries high buildings and occupying 475 000 square feet mostly of commercial offices space chorus key is the headquarters for course entetainment and the Catalyst in Bridging the abandoned divide between Toronto’s downtown and the water’s edge designed by internationally acclaimed diamond and schmidt Architects the building’s exterior reflects restraint minimalism and simplicity in order ot showcase the activities within and outside the buildings the height allows for unobstructed views of the lake from the surrounding developments with in the building the views of the lake in the Toronto islands and access natural light are chieved by six and eight floor landscape Terraces and 30-foot high glass doors that open the large public gatherigng space onto the lakeside promenade as you work your way up each floor you are given a better vantage point of this sprawling mini metroplis hut what goes up must come down and that is whare the fun really begins connecting the top floor to the open space below is a spiraling white slide which provides fastest and more fun alternative to the rear staircase it is a great way to take the edge off after a long day glass is the dominant material throughout brightening up the space with plenty of natural Canadian light while the ground floor’s interior wall sare made from wood reclaimed from a sunken 1910 ferry dock each of course keys eight floors buildings various brands with the sixth floor being used by Boing human resources and stiff Executives but even the lowest paid workers can look down on the CEOs from the outdoor Terrace on the 8th floor

The Googleplex

The Googleplex not just a 10 to the power of a Google but where the Google employee spent 40 plus hours a week toiling away at one of the biggest companies in the world google is allegedly one of the best places to work and not just because they feed their staff three gourmet meals a day using ingredients freshly grown from the on-site Gardens they offer massages and yoga classes and have plenty of cafes and a stunning sculpture garden this really doesn’t sound like an office at all you can ride your bike to the volleyball court or if you are never learned then you can just get picked up by a valet or you can pass all of the Andriod statues scattered about on the campus found in Mountain View California Googleplex is also an incredibly popular tourist destination there are even nap nods for when you are all tucked out after a hard day of Googling stuff for because were working one of the many fitness centers everyone loves to leave work when the day is over but this is one office that may be a little too hard to stay away from

Bahnof Data Center

Sweden’s Bahnhof Data Center officially opened on September 11 2008 and the company continues to use the facility today instead of opting for fun foosball tables and Ballistic ball pits the Benioff data center looks like a bond villain secret underground lair the building is concealed in the mountain and is secured by a 15-inch thick door and can only be reached by an entrance tunnel due to all these features the data center can even withstand an atomic blast this data center is also a co-location center and in 2010 Wikileaks used its co-locations services to store its service it is an important place and much more than just an office so how did the designers pull of such an epic office well the Swedish data center exists in a former nuclear shelter about 100 feet underground the company has preserved the place’s Cold War moniker fiona and White Mountains as well as many of it accouterments the sign near the entrance reads these doors should be locked at Defcon 1. just imagine being greeted by those words on your first day of work this extraordinary facility came to life thanks to a distinct design idea thoughtful use of technology and a strong aspiration to construct something exceptional and while this office dug into a mountain may sound austere the staff have added plenty of touches to make it as inviting as possible for a pleasant work atmosphere the facility has simulated daylight conservatories man-made waterfalls and a massive 2600 gallon saltwater fish tank excess heat created by the servers is recycled into the Local District heating network making this facility one of the most environmentally friendly data centers on the globe the mountain walls inside are covered with lust plants to keep the air nice and fresh there is also the massive insulated circular glass walled room that floats above the ground serving as a conference room which looks like the members of specter gather to create world ending plans

Microsoft Redmond Campus

Most companies just have an office but when you are as big as Microsoft you have an entire campus the Microsoft campus is the corporate HQ located in Redmond Washington Microsoft initially moved on to the grounds of the campus on Feb 26, 1986 shortly before going public on March 13th headquarters has undergone multiple expansions since its establishment and is presently estimated to Encompass over 8 millio square feet of office space and have over 50 000 employees and as of November 2018 the campus holds 83 buildigs making it feel like its own little city the offices have come a long way the initial campus was situated on a 30 acer lot with six buildings and was able to accommodate 800 employees there was even between the original buildings nicknamed lake bill after Bill Gates which was used for post project celebrations namely managers being thrown in after a successful launch over the years Microsoft pumped billions of dollars into extension and Redevelopment projects and by 2009 the campuse had a shopping mall retail space restaurants a soccer pitch and even a pub to blow off some steam after a long day 2017 hiking trails were made a cricket pitch was laid down and the American Treehouse Builder Peter Nelson was brought in to down what he does best build tree houses the Microsoft Redmond campus is crazy and in 2023 plans were underway to create a set of 875 wells to harness geothermal energry to provide heating and cooling to buildings on the campus through 220 miles of pipeline that comprise a Geo exhange system.

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