Can Meta’s Threads Defeat Twitter?

The unthinkable has happened Twitter is no longer a monolith it has a new and exciting rival called Threads yes we had plenty of social media platforms before but there was only one Twitter today that has changed threads is run by Mark Zuckerberg Meta it looks like this sort of a cross between Instagram and Twitter you need an Instagram account to log in but the app itself is standalone on you will find the first post there check it out and how is the app doing well so far so good Zukerberf was heavily involved in the first few hours after the launch he says 10 million people have signed on that was then since then the numbers have increase\How did this stack up to Twitter well they have close to 400 million active users but don not forget Twitter is almost 16 years old and now to some important questions

What is the point o this app why have they launched it now should Elon Musk be worried and more importantly should you be worried Let’s deal with the first question first what is the point of threads well meta says this is an app for sharing with the text you want real-time updates to come to threads public conversations again come to threads now this is very simple to what Twitter does in fact it is identical but there are some differences in features like Twitter supports 10 000 characters threads only 500. Twitter bluw now suppors two hour long videos and threads just short five minture ones now to the second question why now why have they launched it now, Twitter is going through a real touchy time there are lawsuits and fines around the world and there is Elon Musk, not everyone is happy with his policies this weeek he dicided to limt the number of tweets you can see unverified accounds can only see 600 posts per day new accounts just 300 Tweets in a day, in other words, you cannot Doom scroll forever, Musk has also decided to put tweet deck behind a paywall his end goal is this to turn Twitter into a paid serivce beyond all this you also have the political issues Elon Musk has brought back all the banned Twitter accounts the likes of Donald Trump and Jordan Peterson so those on the left side of the political Spectrum are unhappy they say Twitter is a toxic place as if it was not before but either way this is what they say ans this is where things stand an Instagram stop boss has been watching all of this he says Twitter’s volatility has opened a window for them thier own excutives are not shying away from the comparisions the comparision between Twitter and threads some are calling it Twitter but Sanely run well it is just begun also Mark Zuckerberg needed something new he was worth 140 billion dollars in 2021 and now just 67 billion his meta world strategy had backfired badly so this is the new BET which brings us to question number three

Could Elon Musk be worried well from the looks of it yes he paid 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter back then it had a monopoly on Public conversations but it does not anymore plus the idea of linking threads in Instagram is a good one I mentioned that Twitter has 400 million users guess how many users Instagram has 2.3 billion active users so threads do not have to go around hunting for users there is already a big pool available social media analysts says it could cross Twitter in the blink of an eye. So Elon Musk has plenty of reasons to be wary and this is clearly a personal battle it is not just threaded versus Twitter it is also Zuckberg Versus Musk both men agreed to fight inside a cage last month that may not happen but this digital battle is equally entertaining and it is happening musk has not said much today on Twitter user said that threads has copied Twitter’s interface Musk posted a laughing smiley that nut beyond that nothing Meanwhile is daunting musk his last post on Twitter was in the year 2012 today he tweeted again this famous meme of two identical Spider-Mans so to answer my question yes Elon Musk should be worried and now the final question

Should you be worried I think we crossed that bridge in the last decade we swhold have been worried then we shold be worried now on this show we always talk about geopolitical rivalries India versus China China Versus the US all of that pales in comparison to Big Tech these companies are worth of billion of dollars some of them are bigger then National gdps around 32 percent of the world population is on Instagram 32 percnet almost world leader is on Twitter these companies know all about your personality and your choices and some of it is harmless yes like your music taste or the kind of food you like but some of it is downright dangerous Facebook knows whether you are pro abortion or antio abortion it knows whether you believe in god or not whether you support radical ideologies or not that is a lot of power for anyone especially private companies if Elon Musk wants to he can flood Twitter with one type of content say about climate change if Zuckerberg wants to he can flood threads with another type of conent say systemic racism and these companies have been know to do this they have done it beore remember the Cambridge analytica case they collected personal data from millions of Fcebook users and this data was used for political adcertising same with Twitter it is been accused of bolstering hate speech so let’s not get carried away with these cage fights and billionarie rivalries bcause these men are gatheing unimaginable power Cambridge analytica was in the 2010s today we are even more addicte3d to social media thee are bigger beasts so there is no saying what the outcome will be so what sould you be doing well at this point there is very little that you can abstaining from social media seems pointless so we are beter off asking governments to do something they knw how powerful big tech companies are they also know how dangerous they can be but vested interests keep hem from taking action some leaders like Elon Musk so-called Free Speech absolution other like that Zuckerberg is talking on Elon Musk.

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