Amazing Future Cities Currently Being Built

Countries around the world building new cities of the future to accommodate our growing population these cities have new design concepts and incorporate amazing new technologies and innovations so join me for today’s article we take a trip around the world to explore 15 amazing future cities currently under construction.

#15. Legion Forest City

In recent years China has begun to turn towards Greener Energy Alternatives and one striking example of this is Liegion forest city. The idea behind it is that all of its buildings will be completely covered in plants and trees with all of these buildings having square and rectangular cubical for people to work and live in the hope is that these cities can be as close to carbon neutral as possible and while one of these building with a capacity of 500 people has already been built the goal was to make an entire city of them that can house up to 30 000 people 40 000 trees and more than a million plants from over a hundred species.

#14. The Omnia Deal Lake City

Senegal is one of West Africa’s more important economies yet in order to propel it to the next level the government has begun construction of the Omniadia Lake City being built in an attempt to relieve the congestion of the capital city of Dakar and Spur new business activity in the project is coming in at a whopping two billion dollars and should be completed by 2035. The hope is that the city will have several futuristic buildings with some of the highlights including the Abu Diaf International Conference area the Dakar Arena for sports and an Exhibition Centre however given that the construction began quite recently and since many things are still up in the air only time will tell whether or not it will develop an important Urban Metropolis.

#13. New Sntara

While Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta is a crowded and lively place it’s also somewhere that may not exist in the next hundred years after all due to the over-extraction of groundwater it’s sinking at an alarming rate in fact in the northern part of the city it’s sunk by two and a half meters in the past 20 years and researchers shows that some areas could be entirely submerged by 2050 as such the government of Indonesia has decided to build an entirely new capital city known as Nusantara construction begun on July 2022and the move is expected to cost a whopping 32.4 billion dollars it’s said to be fit with towering skyscrapers tower. it will hopefully surpass the already busting capital of Jakarta although we won’t this will be the case until its completion date of August 2024 however given all the resources going into it I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s quite beautiful once it’s complete.

#12. King Abdullah Economic City

Saudi Arabia’s oil money has allowed it to seriously Propel its growth yet one Megaproject that’s still currently causing it to get caught in the sand is the King Abdallah economy Cities. It was first announced in 2005 the idea was to make the city one of the world’s most competitive investment destinations by having it filled with economic infrastructure such as ports Railways and industrial factories. Covering an area roughly the size of Washington DC and having a plant capacity of 2 million people the city was supposed to be a jewel of the Middle East however the reality has been far from that still a work in progress only about 40 % of the project has been completed and to date, there are only about 10 % residents as such while the city is filled with modern looking Villas they are all but empty and only time will tell whether or not the city will ever grow to king Abdullash’s initial projections.

#11. Finland’s Bunker City

Russian and Finland have always had a few tense relationships and given the war in Ukraine the idea of a Russian conflict in Finland seems more likely, however, Finland has anticipated potential conflicts for a decade, and just a few months ago it revealed to the world that it has a massive underground city that’s all but ready for a major Clash. Located 30 meters below the ground of the capital city of Helsinki the 29 million square meter city is able to house whopping 900 000 people and it’s strong enough to fend off a potential threat given that Helsinki has a population of 650 thousand it’s sheer size is pretty incredible and when you further consider that Finland has Europe’s largest artillery stock an army of 240 000 and National conscription so every man is able to fight it become clear that Finland is really ready for anything and while many of the details surrounding the Helsinki bunkers construction are currently under Wraps what is clear is that it would be an important defensive tool against any sort of Russian aggression.

#10. Bur Kent

In recent years China has begun debuting its Belt and Road initiative around the globe. The idea that it will create a global trade network that spans crores over a hundred countries and make the hidden Kingdom exceptionally rich on the Forefront of this initiative has been in the investment of billions of dollars into infrastructure broad and there are few places that exemplify this Sprit of development quite as much as near Kent. Located in Southeastern Kazakhstan near the Chinese border the idea is that it will accommodate 100 000 workers serving the nearby Corgo strip port as part of its funding structure a logistics company has 49 % ownership of the land the hope is that this city will be a gateway to the rest of central Asia making it viral to the realization of China’s grandiose plans yet while the hopes are high for current China is currently going through some tough time financially and so the viability of the Belton Road Initiative as a whole may be in Jeopardy as such it’s unclear whether or not kent will become all that’s being cracked up to be or not.

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